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* Motorbike Rental Contract *

Khao Lak Five Star Co., Ltd.

26/165 Moo 5, Khuek Khak,

Takua Pa, Phang Nga, 82220 Thailand.

Mobile Number

+66 61 43 701 36 (Jorg)


Rental Terms & Conditions


With the attached details this contract is mutually agreed further as follows:

The tank is full and has to be filled up before returning the Bike. Our service charge for a not fully returned tank is 40 THB additional to the missing gas.

The lessee confirms to be familiar with Thailand traffic rules

(driving left, mandatory helmet wearing, non-alcohol driving). The lessee confirms to have a valid driver’s licence from abroad valid in Thailand or a Thailand driving licence. 


Lessee shall utilise the Bike only for the purpose of sightseeing on main roads within Phang-Nga Region, it is not allowed to drive on Phuket Island.  If the Vehicle is unusable due to wheel problems (air out, wheel unstraight) the lessee is solely responsible and will be charged for the back transportation and repair. We help to repair for a max. distance of 20km from our shop.

Waterfalls not set in the 5 Star Motor Bike Rental’s google maps bookmarks are accessible only via very bumpy roads and shall not be accessed with the motorbike. 


The lessee has inspected the vehicle at rental time and is

responsible for any damage to the vehicle, whether caused by the lessee or another party during rental time.


In case a mobile holder is rented out together with the motorbike it’s the Lessees’ risk to use it. The Lessor can not be held responsible for any damage of a mobile, even not in case the mobile holder is broken or the mobile slid out of the holder.

If the vehicle needs to be repaired due to damage within the rental period, the renter must cover the costs of new replacement parts and installation and pay an extended rental fee as long as the vehicle is repaired. This does not apply to machine errors, provided the tenant has fulfilled his duty of care regarding the water and oil light displays. In case the oil or water lamp pops up he has to stop the vehicle immediately and call the rental station.



The customer can  cancel a reservation at any time free of charge. Ideally, we expect cancellations at least three days before arrival. In case the customer returns the bike  before the “Return Date” %50 of the remaining days rental charge penalty shall be applied and %50 will be refunded, no refund for special discounted rentals.

Late Penalty: 1-2 Hours late = 1/3 Daily Rental Charge, 2-3 Hours late= 2/3 Daily Rental Charge, Over 3 Hours late= Full day Rental Charge.


NO SHOW: Failure to show up for the handover of the scooter without cancellation (No Show) will result in a temporary blocking of the user.  A new reservation for a blocked customer can be performed only  by email or WhatsApp and against rental charge payment before arrival.


INSURANCE: The motorbike is insured by the mandatory governmental “Road Accident Victims Protection Co.,Ltd.” to their actual conditions on their website, which is applicable in case the driver of the insured bike is liable for any persons’s including 3rd party person's body injury, health harm and death. The claim has to be done by the lessee.


The motorbike or any 3rd party vehicle or property is not insured by our policy. The lessee will be liable for the theft or full damage of the vehicle including damages liable by third party transportation such as ferries or pick up cars or other.  The lessee will pay full compensation to the lessor in case the bike is damaged or destroyed by higher violence such as thunderstorms, water damages or any other natural disasters during the rental time. The lessee will be charged to replace the vehicle by another one in the same good condition available in the market in case of theft or any damage.

The motorbike doesn’t carry any theft insurance. While parking the Bike it has to be locked and placed only at a secure place at night time if available on a CCTV controlled hotel parking lot.


For optional, external third party property insurance on the motorbike check

We will provide plate and gear number against 200 THB additional charge max. 3 days before rental.


The Lessee confirms with his signature that in the event of an accident with the rented vehicle the lessee is solely responsible for any claims including insurance claims and that Khao Lak Five Star Co., Ltd. or any other bike owner is excluded from any payments for restoring the health of the accident driver, passengers or third parties, such as hospital costs or physiotherapy costs or separation of limbs or paralysis or other accidental injury or death. The lessee further confirms with his signature that Khao Lak Five Star Co., Ltd.or any other bike owner in the event of an accident is exempt from any payment for the repair of vehicles of the third party and that the lessee alone bears these costs. 


With my signature I confirm that 5 Star Motor Bike Rental Khao Lak is  allowed to send me emails, WhatsApp messages or other message forms for inquiry and advertising.I have read the above statement and agree to all terms and conditions with no exceptions.

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