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  • Are all your scooters full automatic?
    Yes they are.
  • Are all your scooters suitable for two persons?
    Yes they are.
  • Will I have to drop a deposit or my original passport for a rental?
    We do not ask you for both. Just take a picture of your passport and your license and we copy that with our mobile.
  • I have a question concerning my driving license
    Regarding the question of driver's license: Theoretically you need an "International Driving License" with the respective class, e.g. for Germany A1 for a 125cc (above A2) issued by the local authority. Practically you can rent fom us a scooter even if you have only a national driving permission or if the permitted class is lower than needed. But we expect each rider to have at least 5-10 hours of driving practice on a 50cc or higher! We strictly do not accept beginners with less than the expected practice. Driving without a driver's license is an administrative offense in Thailand, which carries a fine of around €24. It has no relevance in the event of a traffic accident, not even in relation to the Thai mandatory scooter insurance "Road Accident Victims Protection Insurance". On the other hand your home country travel insurance will not pay in case of an accident if you don't have an "International Driving License" (an European Driving License is NOT sufficiant). That is why we strongly recommand to ask your local authority for an "International Driving License" which costs about 16 EUR.
  • I do not have any experience in driving a motorbike. Can I nevertheless rent a scooter from you?
    We are very sorry but the answer is unfortunately: NO. Please be honest with us and believe us that we can recognize a completely beginner from his behaviour. We do not give any driving lessons. We expect a minimum of 5-10 hours on a minimum 50cc motorized 2-wheeler at least. Quads and e-bikes do not count. For those with some experience we will do a functionality introduction of the full automatic scooter. This is our responsibilty towards beginners to protect them from themselves. Thanks for understanding.
  • Can I rent a Thai SIM Card from you and how would I do that?
    You can rent a registered Thai SIM card for 40THB per day from us. You just insert the SIM into your mobile. Nothing to install or register to do for you. Our SIM card has unlimited data at high speed and can be used for domestic phone calls and internet such as Netflix, Youtube, email, Internet or navigation. No deposit if you rent a scooter from us and possible with hotel delivery together with your scooter. 2.000 THB Deposit in case you do not rent a scooter from us and only from/back shop. How to do: 1st possibility with direct confirmation: After your booked your scooter instead of "check out" click on "continue shopping" and book the SIM card, then "check out". You can also book the SIM card without a scooter. 2nd possibility: Request the SIM Card on the second page of our scooter reservation. If available the admin will create the booking for you.
  • Will the scooter come with full gazoline?
    Yes, the rule is: send full, get back full with ROZ95. The service staff at the gaz station will fill the gaz for you before you return the scooter. You will get a reminder email with the details 1 day before the end of your rental time. Our service charge for a not fully returned tank is 40 THB additional to the missing gas.
  • How does the offline GPS navigation with bookmarks works?
    Your vacation will be really nice with bookmarks on Google Maps offline. 5 Star Motorbike Rental Khao Lak provides you automatically 1 hour before rental start time with free self-made bookmarks. So you can find the most beautiful places immediately without detours! Bookmarks can only be used offline if you are signed into Google to save them: 1. Click (Android) or copy (iPhone) the bookmark link in your rental reminder email. You will get this email automatically 1 hour before rental start time. 2. Insert or open directly in the browser Chrome, Safari, etc. 3. Confirm to continue in the APP Google Maps if offered 4. Click "Follow" or "Save" to store the bookmarks. This is only possible if you are logged into Google. Go back one step in Google Maps so that your profile abbreviation is clickable in the top right corner. 5. Click on your profile in Google Maps, select: offline maps, select: select your own map, zoom in with 2 fingers so that all bookmarks are just in the frame and load the approx .70 MB map download. The bookmarks are saved in "Marked" at the bottom. Enjoy offline navigation then!
  • How can I check the price?
    Go to the menu BOOKING and make a try reservation. Change the models and dates as you like. If can not to decide to fix the reservation by "Finalize Reservation" just close the bowser window. As long as you do not "Finalize Reservation" this trial reservation is not fix and will not be considered as such.
  • Why should I book a mobile holder during my reservation?
    We will send you google maps bookmarks that can be used offline on your own phone. For your convinience and your safety we think it's better you follow the traffic in front of you instaed of communicating with you co-driver behind of you.
  • How should I do my reservation?
    It would be the best if you could quickly make an online reservation by yourself, which is easy and fast by clicking on the menu point BOOKING
  • Can I cancel my reservation any time for free?
    The customer can cancel a reservation at any time free of charge. Ideally, we expect cancellations at least three days before arrival. In case the customer returns the bike before the "Return Date" %50 of the remaining days rental charge penalty shall be applied and %50 will be refunded. Late Penalty: 1-2 Hours late = 1/3 Daily Rental Charge, 2-3 Hours late= 2/3 Daily Rental Charge, Over 3 Hours late= Full day Rental Charge. NO SHOW: Failure to show up for the handover of the scooter without cancellation (No Show) will result in a temporary blocking of the user. A new reservation for a blocked customer can be performed only by email, Chatbot or WhatsApp and against rental charge payment before arrival.
  • What is the minimum time between now and a possible reservation start?
    It's 1,5 hours based on hourly quarters.
  • Do you offer discounts for long-term rentals?
    We offer monthly rates, please chat us giving us the concrete rental period.
  • Are mobile holders free of charge or chargeable and how to order them?
    Honda Models ADV 150/160cc: pre-installed, free of charge. PCX 150/160cc : pre-installed, free of charge. Click all models: 100 THB per rental and scooter. Mobile Holder is pre-selected on the 2nd page of our reservation form. If you do not want any just unselect it.
  • What is a long range surcharge?
    Basic Delivery: When you wish delivery to your hotel (per scooter once 150 THB including pick up) which is far away from our shop you have to add mandatorily a long range add-on for hotels on Bangsak Beach: Add-on: Per scooter once 150 THB including pick up to/fromBangsak Village, Avani+, Outrigger (11-13km) Per scooter once 250 THB including pick up to/from Graceland, Grand Mercure, Le Meridien, Le Menara, Airbnb or others> 14 km from the Khao Lak Center. (14-24km) Per scooter once 350 THB including pick up to/from Pullman Hotel (25km) On the second page of our reservation page you have to activate the Basic Delivery plus the Add-on per scooter! The adminstrator is entitled to add-on the surcharge in case you forget it.
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay cash on the spot or transfer in advance to our accounts in Europe, USA, Australia, UK, Singapore or Thailand. You can pay by PayPal. We do not have any credit card reader but Paypal offers a Credit Card payment without having a PayPal account. Bank accounts details and a PayPal link will be send to you with your immediate booking confirmation.
  • Do you have special helmets for children or XXL size?
    Yes we have. We have over 120 clean helmets for every head.
  • Do you have any mileage limitation?
    No we don't limit your milieage as long as you stay within Phang-Nga area, which doesn't not include Phuket. We help to repair for a max. distance of 25km from our shop in each direction. You are invited to vistit the most popular waterfalls in our area but waterfalls not marked by us in the 5 Star Motor Bike Rental's google maps bookmarks are accessible only via very bumpy roads and shall not be accessed with the motorbike.
  • What should I do if I fell with the scooter?
    We always try to be as fair as possible in such a case. Therefore please inform as soon as possible. We will invite you to inpect the damage at the original Honda Garage together with us and you will pay directely to Honda. Usually damage fall down right side is approx. 100 EUR.
  • What do you charge for hotel delivery?
    Delivery and collection is a one-time fee of 150 THB (Bangsak Beach additional long range surcharge 150-350 THB) per scooter. Details see "long range surcharges" in FAQ Reservation. One way pick up is 100 THB (bike from shop, pick up by us from hotel) One Way pick up Bangsak Beach hotel is 200 THB.
  • Will I get the scooter explained?
    We do that even twice: First, with the rental reminder email one hour before rental start time you will get a video in your home language (make sure at reservation you set the language to your home langage, else it will be in english) of your selected scooter model. Second, our helpful staff will explain peronally the scooter for you in english.
  • Can the scooter be dropped off at my hotel?
    We can do so. Just enter your hotel's name into the hotel field on the first page of the reservation and keep the hotel delivery service active on the second page. Check if you have any long range charge for your hotel and if so add it.
  • For the scooter return, can I drop the key at the hotel reception counter?
    Please understand that the scooter is always returned by handing it in personally, just as you received it personally and were able to visually inspect the scooter. On the other hand, handing in the key at the hotel reception would not give us the opportunity to check the scooter and the fuel level before your departure. Therefore we exclude this option. We can make an exception to this rule if you are just leaving for a day trip and returning to the same hotel. In this case, please send us your hotel booking proof and wait for our approval.
  • When is the latest time I can return the scooter?
    For hotel pick up 5:15 p.m. For drop-off at our shop 6 p.m.
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